quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2008

3d Creative magazine Cover

I would like to share this character.
I made him for the first of series of 9 tutorials i 'm doing to the 3D Creative Magazine.
And i had a good surprise, because this character been to cover of the magazine.. :)
Thanks for the team of 3d creative mag for all the support.
I hope you like it.

And here the link to lite version of the magazine.

3 comentários:

Paulo "Arrhenius" Ítalo disse...

Grande Rafa! Parabéns pela capa.
Vou acompanhar seus tutoriais.

3ali disse...

keep on the amazing work man
dude you are the best

Daniel M.C. Alvite disse...

Opa meu, muito bom.
parabens pelo trampo,